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 Tornadoes in Germany

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PostSubject: Tornadoes in Germany   Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:55 am

It was a hot day been that 10 July 1968 and in the evening hours brews itself heavy thunderstorms together. But which occurs then around 09:37pm clock in the southern districts of the city Pforzheim, weather history should write: A 500 meter of broad Tornadoes clears its way by the city and leaves a flight corridor of devastation. Damaged, some even heavily, cars will become like toy up to 200 meters far by air whirled numerous houses and trees such as ' Matches broken. Air is fulfilled of the Tosen of the hurricane and in the far periphery rains rubble of the sky. The action takes only three minutes, then is the inferno already past. It demands two victims and more than 400 injured and leaves damages to property in million height.

More than 2300 houses are heavily damaged, destroyed perfectly six of it. Clean-up operations after the tempest take more than two weeks. Experts calculate later on the basis the found damage that the Tornado with a rotation speed of more than 330 km/h (205.05 mph) must be swept over the city away. That corresponds to the strength EF-4 after the Fujita Tornado scale. Such violent hurricanes are rather rare even in the USA, in the master country of the heaviest of Tornadoes of the world. As turns out later, the Tornado had drawn a flight corridor of the destruction by the Vogesen, then however temporarily had before already dissolved, before it got finally little to the west of Pforzheim again ground contact.

On 18 October 1971 it meets parts of the Schleswig-Holstein state capital Kiel and on 26 July 1993 new Muenster, in Schleswig-Holstein, from a Tornado is likewise met. To 10 June 2003 a F3-Tornado addresses finally large devastations in the small Eifel municipality eight on and on 23 June 2004 races a F3-Tornado over Micheln in Saxonia-Anhalt. The row continues, as to 26. March 2006 equal a whole Tornado Outbreak over the north of Germany away pulls. One of the Tornadoes meets that Hamburg quarters Harburg, where two crane leaders die, when the storm upsets their cranes.

In addition, in earlier decades and centuries of Tornadoes afflicted again and again also parts of Germany, are delivered among them several EF4-Tornadoes and even two F5-Tornados with calculated wind velocities over 418 km/h (259.73 mph). And beside this large and very destructive Tornadoes there was always countless further, weaker of Tornadoes of the strengths EF-0 to EF-2. However due to the small population density only comparatively few of these cases became admit in earlier days. Thus experts estimate the number of the Tornadoes in Germany meanwhile on 10 to 20 cases per year, but the quantity in the past years of the secured observations points rather to a number between 30 and 40 cases per year. From there it is to be expected that also the official Tornado statistics of Germany must still clearly upward be corrected in next time.

The Germans Tornado Data...

Severe Weather Warnings in Germany..

SVR Weather Warnings from Europe

Storm Reports from Europe

Radar Germany and Europe

GFS and other Models for Europe and America..

Lightning TrackerĀ“s for Germany and Europe..

Wind Map

I have many more Software but that was the best links i haved Wink


Yesterday was an EF-1 Tornado in Cologne/West Germany in the evening Time, any damage on roofs and houses.
For more information take a look to germans tornado data you find the link in this report.

Here see you a video from a tv channel in germany, stormchasers from germany and skywarn germany are speaking over tornadoes in germany thats from sunday evening (7 June 2009).

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Tornadoes in Germany
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