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 24-03-09 Possible Tornadoes over night in NW Germany

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PostSubject: 24-03-09 Possible Tornadoes over night in NW Germany   Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:45 pm

At the night to Tuesday the salient cold front of the low mentioned above pull away southeastward over the south from northwest. It brings in many places productive rains, to these is locally showery strengthened. The snow limit is reduced from at the beginning of approximately 1000 meters behind the front to approximately 400 meters drops. In addition turning wind blows to more strongly, in the mountain country more freshly more strongly to stormier and by southwest on west to northwest. With passage of the Kal front also short thunderstorms are possible and multiple must in the flat country on heavy storm gusts be counted. In the low mountain ranges over 800 meters partly gale-like gusts threaten, over 1000 meters are possible in gusts full gale strength. Behind the front locally strong showers can pull, isolated also short thunderstorms through in the north and northwest. In their range the danger single feeder Tornado exists.
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24-03-09 Possible Tornadoes over night in NW Germany
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