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 4 Feb.-10 Feb. possible svr weather in germany

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PostSubject: 4 Feb.-10 Feb. possible svr weather in germany   Wed Feb 04, 2009 8:56 am

spent of the German weather service on Wednesday, 04.02.09, 11:00 clock At night and in the early hours of smoothness danger. On weekend again snow into deep situations. At the beginning of the week storm danger. Development of the WEATHER and DANGER SITUATION until Thursday, 05.02.09, 24:00 clock On Thursday at first in the north something drizzle, which falls partially on frozen ground. By sections smoothness possible. In the early and in the morning hours in the center and in the south regional nebulas possible, ranges of vision partially below 150 meters. In addition smoothness by frost wetness or hoar frost. At the alps storm, on higher mountain summits individual storm gusts to strength 9 (around 85 km/h) possible. Further development of the WEATHER and DANGER SITUATION until Sunday, 08.02.09 On Friday on exposed alpine summits storm gusts probably. Otherwise apart from local roads smooth no weather dangers. On Saturday first in the western low mountain ranges, in the afternoon also in the eastern altitudes moderate snow over 5 cm in 6 hours possible. At the night to Sunday also in the valleys snow possible. Spreads roads smooth. On Sunday into the valleys snow shower probably with local roads smoothes. In the eastern central mountain area also moderate snow possible. In the west in altitudes storm gusts possible. View until Tuesday, 10.02.09 On Monday in the west and the north, on Tuesday also im ├╝brigen Germany storm gusts particularly in higher situations and at the coast possible. Regionally - particularly in higher situations - moderate snow over 5 cm in 6 hours possible. On Tuesday in the southwest continuous rain possible. Next actualization: at the latest Wednesday, 04.02.09, 17:00 clock DWD/VBZ Offenbach
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4 Feb.-10 Feb. possible svr weather in germany
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