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 11 October Tornado again in NRW/Germany

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PostSubject: 11 October Tornado again in NRW/Germany   Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:56 pm

Next Tornado hit NRW in Germany on Sunday 11 October 2009..

Large single damage by Tornadoes

A Tornado due to thunderstorm and the cold flowing in thereby of the front developed, caused on Sunday evening, 11 October in a market garden in funds at the Niederrhein considerable damage. The Tornado set thereby probably directly in one of the greenhouses on the ground on („Touch down “) and pulled themselves then straight through the house and over the following open land surfaces. The Tornado ran altogether over a range from approx. a kilometer and flowed then in that close convenient small forest. According to first estimates of the horticulture insurance, whose field representative was still in the same evening locally, the damage amounts to altogether approximately 350000 EUR. Apart from considerable damage to screens, glass as well as construction it met in particular the greenhouse cultures (Christmas stars). Due to the glass damages it came to subnormal temperature in the greenhouse and thus to the total loss of the cultures. The neighbouring open-lands growing (Azerca) are besides concerned. Despite this considerable single damage the damage extent is to be evaluated still as mild. Because with exception of the market garden concerned the Tornado ran mainly over free surfaces. The flower auction northeast present Lüllingen (Landgard) is distant for air line only about 500m and into southwest direction (distance approx. a kilometer) is a gardner settlement.

Photo (click on it for large screen)
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11 October Tornado again in NRW/Germany
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