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 20-01-09 Tornado in Porto/Portogual

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PostSubject: 20-01-09 Tornado in Porto/Portogual   Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:15 pm

red: tornado, yellow: severe wind gusts, green: large hail, blue: heavy rain,
white: funnel cloud, pink: gustnado, orange: dust devil


n. Porto over the sea, near Porto, Porto
Portugal (41.18 N, 8.76 W)
20-01-2009 (Tuesday) 12:00 UTC (+/- 5 min.)

based on: information from photo or video of the event, an eye-witness report, a report on a website
land use: water land use where event was first observed: water
3 have been observed.
The funnel cloud was observed.
Three waterspout developed in the sea, front of Porto city. Picture can be found here: rombas-marinhas-no-porto-20-janeiro-2009-a-2962.html;

report status: report confirmed (QC1)
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20-01-09 Tornado in Porto/Portogual
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