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 Snow instead of rains after inoculation of the clouds (Asia)

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PostSubject: Snow instead of rains after inoculation of the clouds (Asia)   Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:00 am

Breakdown in the weather make From rains snow became sudden Rolling Eyes

There the responsible persons were not astonished with the national Chinese office for weather influence badly: With the best intentions they - according to agency reports - had shot at the night to 1 November by the ton chemicals into the clouds over Peking, in order that up to then only meagerly an addition at heavenly wet to draw. But instead of the hoped for rain other tags million tons snow was fallen on the capital down and caused a completely unexpected winter chaos.

In their eagerness the researchers had surveyed obvious that colder and clearly drier air approached. In this a part of the precipitation strengthened by the chemicals could possibly evaporate first. And because evaporation of surrounding air always withdraws warmth, this completely natural, physical principle drew a further temperature decrease. Instead of to rains it came from there completely unscheduled to close snow conditions.
China operates among other things because of heavy drought periods and progressive quilting of far regions of the inland for years a research program for the influence of the weather. Thereby large quantities of chemicals are sprayed again and again into the clouds, last on 1 October on the occasion of the celebrations to 60. Anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic, with which one wanted to prevent explaining measures that the sky the ceremonies could possibly rain.

On the current chaos with the snows from 1 November the inhabitants of Peking did not react however rather amused: Thousands of travelers stuck because of the beginning of winter, the smoothness led to numerous back-up and traffic accidents. Besides many humans in their dwellings had to freeze, because the heaters in most buildings are only switched on with beginning of the official heating season on 15 November. Whether the snow actually on the account of the weather experiments goes is meanwhile disputed.


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Snow instead of rains after inoculation of the clouds (Asia)
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