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 12-26/12-27-08 Missouri/Arkansas

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PostSubject: 12-26/12-27-08 Missouri/Arkansas   Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:05 pm

What was sort of a let down after all the hype, I chased western MO and far northwest AR on the 26th and 27th. The storms fired up around 10pm in northern Missouri and eastern KS and build to the south overnight. I followed a few storms around midnight and ended up staying in a hotel in Lamar,MO. I woke up around 7am and the storms were about 10 miles west, i got ready to go quickly and was on the road by 715am. I tracked some storms near the Lamar area and left them in favor of the "increasing tornado threat" further south (make note the tornado threat by noon was moved to eastern Missouri even though all the day before and that morning it was eastern OK and western AR.. go figure). So needless to say sort of a wild goose chase went on for the rest of the day for me as I got behind the line and headed home early since I wasn't able to get in front of it. Though I was under the impression i did view a funnel southwest of Lamar off in the distance, overall it was just sort of nice to get into the 60s dews and the upper 60s temperatures... also was nice to see the lightning and hear the thunder as sort of a teaser for spring, I have a few pictures I will share from the event later on today or tommorow I will get them up. On a side note on my way home I encountered some damage in Kansas City from the thunderstorms the night before, trees down and some power outages still in place, I also noticed alot of ice on everything from the ice storm that followed, the line of storms dropped the temps in a very short period of time from 65 to 30 and caused this, I drove through pretty heavy snow as well for about 20 miles near St. Joseph...
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12-26/12-27-08 Missouri/Arkansas
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