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 10-04-09: CO

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Pat Darrow

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PostSubject: 10-04-09: CO   Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:52 pm

Storms started forming ahead of a cf about 7:30 pm. Wind and rain preceeded a more intense series of cells that included significant CC/CG lightning. I started tracking them from 16 south of Meeker on Highway 13. Storms moved parallel (south to north) to highway so road access was easy. Followed them to just south of Meeker where they turned more northeasterly and headed over the flat tops. Got some pics of the lightning, including one CG that struck about 1/8 mile from where I was taking the picture. The low cloud cover and lightning made the night turn into day. Storms went through Meeker with 50 mph winds, pea-size hail and brief, heavy rain. Damage included stripped trees (leaves and small branches).

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10-04-09: CO
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