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 Increased Waterspouts danger over Germany´s Coastline (30.08.2009)

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PostSubject: Increased Waterspouts danger over Germany´s Coastline (30.08.2009)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:48 am

To expect Waterspouts Are there sighting to the lake? In Sunday the probability for individual Waterspouts (Tornadoes over water surfaces) over north and Baltic Sea continues to increase. The conditions for education for a such nature play are at present very favorable: Beside powerful rain clouds, cold air in the higher layers of the atmosphere and still a sea surface comparatively warm with approximately 19 degrees, there is gust calm air in the wind field, which increases the risk for the occurrence of individual Waterspouts in relation to the days before again additionally on Sunday.

The success rates in the forecast for Waterspouts are absolutely regarded rather small and the utilizable value of such forecasts in the meteorological professional world disputed. On the other hand the empirical values show that after such forecasts also the number of actually sighted Waterspouts increases and appropriate references are gratefully taken up by interested one. Nevertheless it must be mentioned that at close range of the Waterspouts extreme wind velocities can occur and them from there are not harmless.

Individual Waterspouts over north and Baltic Sea are " on Sunday now more probably than the risk of one; Nullnummer" - or other weather-interested to the lake will probably be able to observe a such nature play. Increased chances on sighting of Waterspouts suggest themselves first at the Dollart and with the western Ostfriesi islands. Starting from the afternoon the inclination to Waterspouts appears preferential to the Nordfriesi islands, as well as over the Baltic Sea close of the Darß and northwest from reproaches increases.
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Increased Waterspouts danger over Germany´s Coastline (30.08.2009)
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